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Multiple Bank Account Registration Process

Individuals, HUFs, Sole proprietor firms can register upto five bank accounts and a non-individual investor can register upto ten bank accounts in a folio.

Registration Form and Mandatory Documents

Please click here to download "Bank Accounts Registration Form".

Investor shall use Part A of the Bank Accounts Registration Form along with any one of the following documents (in original) to register bank mandates. If a copy is submitted, the copy should be certified by the bank or investors may bring the original to the office of the fund or the registrar for verification.

  • Cancelled cheque leaf with account number and name pre printed or
  • Bank Statement with account holders' name, account number and branch address, or
  • Certified copy of Pass Book Page with account holders' name, account number and branch address.

Important Notes:

  • Bank accounts registration will be only after verifying that the first-named unit holder in the folio is one of the bank account holders.
  • Bank accounts registration is at folio level and is applicable for investments in all the schemes in that folio.
  • Subject to documents being in order, bank accounts will be registered or any subsequent addition/ change/ deletion in the registered bank accounts would be effected within 10 business days from the receipt of a duly completed application form and a confirmation letter will be sent within 15 business days.
  • Proceeds for any redemption request received in the interim will be sent to existing registered bank account only.
  • Unit holder(s) should preserve confirmation letter for their reference, as the account statement will reflect default bank mandate only.

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