Dear Investor,

This communication is to inform you of some important changes in service features and processes effective April 30, 2012. These changes are pursuant to the recent circulars issued by SEBI as well as AMFI to mitigate instances of fraud, to reduce operational risks and to protect the interest of investors.

We request a few moments of your time, as this will assist you to efficiently handle transactions, queries and expectations.

Change of Bank Account / New Bank Account with Redemption Request

Updation of bank accounts, henceforth, in an investor’s folio will be only through a Multiple Bank Account Registration Form, a standalone separate Change of Bank Mandate form, or an investor letter with prescribed mandatory documents.

Forms for redemption and change of bank account request are now segregated so that two different requests are handled and executed separately for all investors. In other words, all of our investor forms such as the common transaction forms, transaction slips or any other form containing redemption request will not have the facility to change the bank mandate or update a new bank mandate.

Please note that any redemption request received which also mentions a new and unregistered bank mandate or a change of bank mandate request (with or without necessary supporting documents), such bank account change may not be registered and considered for payment of redemption/ dividend proceeds.

We recommend you to avail of multiple bank accounts registration facility where an individual investor can register upto 5 bank accounts and a non individual can register upto 10 bank accounts. This would help you to opt for any of the registered accounts for receiving their redemption proceeds. The default bank account will be considered if no registered bank account is mentioned in the redemption request.

Alternatively, investors may use a standard Change of Bank Account Form or a general letter along with prescribed supporting documents as mentioned on the form to register a single bank account sufficiently well in advance of placing a redemption request.

Change of Address

Please note that self attested copies of the below mentioned documents are needed along with duly filled in Change of Address request or an investor letter for processing an address change w.e.f. April 30, 2012:

  1. For Non KYC compliant folios:
    1. Proof of new address (‘POA’); and
    2. Proof of identity (‘POI’): Only PAN card copy shall be considered if PAN is updated in the folio OR other proof of identity if PAN is not updated in the folio.
  1. For KYC compliant folios:
    1. Proof of new address; and
    2. Any other document/ form that the KYC Registration Agency (KRA) may specify from time to time.

The self attested copies of above stated documents shall be submitted along with original for verification at any front office of DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund or CAMS.
If the original of any documents are not produced for verification, then the copies should be appropriately attested/verified by KYD complied distributors or entities authorized for attestation/verification of the documents as per extant KYC guidelines.

We strongly advise you to complete KYC formalities and update all your folios with KYC status to ensure seamless transaction processing.

MF Industry CAS

Consequent to recent regulatory guidelines, a Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) at Mutual Fund Industry level is being sent to investors. The CAS is being sent on a monthly basis and is a consolidated statement of account of all folios where the investor has transacted during the month. The folios are consolidated on the basis of the PAN of all unit holders provided the PAN is valid. Consolidation of folios is not done for (a) Folios on behalf of minor (b) folios where PAN is not updated or is invalid (c) folios with Micro SIPs.

As CAS is now sent monthly, soon we will be sending a separate monthly statement for folios that are not included in CAS, instead of after every transaction.

However, a fund specific account statement will be emailed after every transaction, if an email id is registered in the folio and an account statement will be emailed or dispatched within five business days of closure of New Fund Offer (NFO) or in case of specific request by the investors.

As a green initiative, mutual fund industry also intends to send CAS via email to investors.
We request our investors to:

  1. Register their email ids and mobile number using the e-Registration Form or Non-Financial Transaction Form or a letter.
  2. Maintain a single email id across all their folios in the mutual fund industry since soon CAS will be sent via email to the email id available in last transacted folio.

Should you need any clarifications, please feel free to contact us at any of our locations. Call us Any Time on
1800 200 4499 or write to us at Please click here to view the public notice issued
in this regard.

We thank you for your patronage towards DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund.

Client Response Team
DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund

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